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Stylish Ways To Store Your Vinyl Records

For The Record: Vinyl storage with style

By Home & Cabin   2017-03-03

Putting a record on the turntable and enjoying a full album – punctuated by returning to the player to flip the record – offers a tactile experience that can’t be replicated by digital players. In this digital world we live in, regressive technologies can be a soothing break. Besides, vinyl sounds better. Whether it’s a box of records from 30 years ago that you’re rediscovering or a newly curated collection, you’ll need to find somewhere to store those albums. And boxes of records piled on the floor just won’t cut it. 

Storage Ideas


The bookshelf



The Kallax shelf from IKEA is popular with serious record collectors for its low cost (more money to buy records) and convenient size. The cubes are perfectly sized for records but need reinforcement brackets to support the weight of records. This is a great option if you want to be able to see all your records at once. It’s also fairly inexpensive, and comes in a variety of sizes. Shipping to Newfoundland and Labrador, however, will significantly add to the price. 



The wall-mount shelf



A short shelf beside your record player is a great way to display the “now  playing” selection; a longer shelf is good for displaying some favourites from your collection. Any shelf with a lip will do, but we like this one by NicoleDavidFurniture on Etsy



Cabinet style storage 



If you prefer your record collection to be stored out of sight, a sideboard or credenza style cabinet is a stylish option. Look for something strong and sturdy, like this unit by Atocha Design, although anything large enough to hold records will work. 


Vinyl record care tips 


  • Store records vertically, not flat – and definitely don’t pile them up on top of each other, as this may cause them to warp. 
  • Keep your records dry – aim for a room with a relative humidity of 40 per cent. 
  • Replace the inner paper sleeve the record comes in with polyethylene sleeves to prevent chemical damage to the records.
  • Don’t stack the records too tightly. 
  • Records are heavy – be careful not to overload the shelf or case. 
  • Avoid touching the playing surface of the record.
  • Use a quality record player. The vintage ones tend to be fine, but avoid the cheaper record players being sold at big box stores – they’re hard on your records. 








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