7 Fireplaces We Love

And why we love them

By Home & Cabin   2017-02-01

It's winter, it's cold, and sititing in front of a fireplace sounds like a great idea. While we can't give you a woodstove, we can give you these photos of warm, cozy spaces collected from the pages of Home & Cabin. 


Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine

Furnished with a collection of vintage and antique places, this contemporary home designed by architect Robert Mellin oozes cozy comfort. The woodstove takes the chill off, while the comfortable chairs practically beg for you to sit in front of the fire with a good book. 

Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine 

This wood-fired kitchen stove, a replica of the antique kind once common in Newfoundland houses, takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've mastered cooking with fire, it can bake the best bread you've ever tasted. Adding to the throwback ambiance, the rocking chair could be a place to warm up after a day outside or a spot to wait for the bread to cook while working on a knitting project. This scene from days gone by was captured in the Cable House of Heart's Content, a lovingly restored heritage home that once housed the managers of the cable station. Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine

Still in the Cable House, it's not so hard to imagine what upper class life was like in Victorian times. The fireplaces of the day came with covers to prevent drafts, and most rooms on the main level have a fireplace. It wasn't just for ambiance - when originally built in the late 1800s, these fireplaces were the only source of heat. 

Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine

St. John's is home to many beautiful, old homes, and it's still possible to find houses in their original, unrenovated condition. Such was the case with this Victorian home, which the current owners carefully restored, keeping the original elements wherever possible while updating the house for modern-day living. The corner fireplaces are a somewhat unique feature and are repeated upstairs, making use of the same chimney. 

Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine

Inspired by New York city lofts, this cabin in the woods reflects the contemporary design preferences of its owners. The fireplace is a minimalist piece of clean design, little more than a square hole in a white box. But its that simplicity that makes it so appealing. In addition to housing the firebox, the white shell of the fireplace also serves as a room divider, creating a nook for the rear entrance. 

Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine

This fireplace in a new home build features manufactured stone surrounded by built-in cabinetry, creating both real and visual warmth in the family room of this suburban home. It's an inviting spot, welcoming you home after a long day of work. 

Fireplaces we love - Home & Cabin magazine

The mantel harkens back to the designs from days of yore, giving the room a traditional feel. Furnished in a neutral pallette, this room is a calm, relaxing oasis, free from the distractions of the outside world.




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