Stylish Liquor Cabinets and Bar Carts We Love

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By Home & Cabin   2017-01-12

Liquor cabinets are a stylish, low-key way to hold your liquor collection while not having it on display all the time. 

During the day, mild mannered and good-looking holder of sensible items, flowers, and family photos. By night, the bar (cabinet) is open. The dual nature of a liquor cabinet makes it a great addition to any home, especially if “looks like a pub” isn’t part of your home décor aesthetic. 

Here’s a few we like


Online we found the Corridor bar from BDI, a compact and stylish cart when closed. When open, it has enough room to easily store all the fixings for your favourite cocktails. 

Also online, we found the Elixir mini bar from CB2 that wouldn’t look out of place as a sofa side table. 

But liquor cabinets aren’t for every room. If your house happens to have a dedicated dining room, and you already have a sideboard, consider a bar cart – we asked a few designers around town, and they all agreed that bar carts are, indeed, cool. 


Design consultant Sam Follett is particularly fond of the Happy Hour Bar Cart and the Reachalle Bar Cart. 





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