Southcott Award Winners Announced

By Home & Cabin   2015-06-30

Mike Paterson, Sharon Pippy, and John Norman were recognized for their work in preserving the province’s built heritage during the Newfoundland and Labrador Historic Trust’s Southcott Awards presentation on June 29. 

Mike Paterson was given the Heritage Tradesperson award for his work in heritage conservation. 

John Norman, together with Mark and Chantal Dickson, were presented the Building Restoration/Preservation award for their work on several buildings in Bonavista. The three are the owners of Bonavista Living, a company dedicated to preserving Bonavista’s built heritage. 

Sharon Pippy was also awarded a Building Restoration/Preservation award for her work in restoring the building that now houses Bareneed Studios. 

The following information on the award winners was provided by the Newfoundland and Labrador Historic Trust:

Southcott Award for Building Restoration/Preservation
Bareneed Studios?Owner: Sharon Pippy

Originally a general store, this building has been thoughtfully restored and now acts as an artists’ studio and loft space. The builder of the property was Ms. Pippy’s great grandfather, John Greenland. John was a master carpenter who was responsible for many buildings and fine carpentry projects in Boston. The building is situated in the centre of town at the harbour, directly adjacent the road and on the ocean. Restoration architect Geoff Adams and the project contractors, Sable Building and Design, ran into some challenges with the extensive rot that was present in the building. The roof was leaking and there were mould issues as well. They also had to address broken windows and a lack of plumbing. The proximity to the marine environment also proved to be a test. The team shored up the foundation and piers, rebuilt some walls on their original locations, constructed a new roof line, created new interiors and made substantial plumbing and electrical upgrades. In undertaking this project, Ms. Pippy sought to transform the building into a modern artists’ space and contribute to both the streetscape and community. 


Southcott Award for Building Restoration/Preservation
Bonavista Living Owners: John Norman, and Mark and Chantal Dickson

This award goes not to one project but to the numerous residential heritage properties restored by Bonavista Living. In 2014, blending formal education and professional work with a passion for built heritage, John, Mark and Chantal founded a new group of companies: Bonavista Living; Bonavista Creative; and Bonavista Creative Workshop. The triad companies focus on built heritage restoration and redevelopment and also preserve and restore the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Bonavista’s historic properties. Bonavista Living has acquired numerous residential heritage properties which it has restored and rejuvenated to their original glory. These properties have been chosen for their architectural and historical significance, placement within charming historic neighborhoods, as well as the level of threat they are under. As each property is restored, it may be transformed into a vacation rentals, affordable housing units, or sold as a private home. Bonavista Living is injecting new life into once vacant properties through preservation and redevelopment, thus awakening quaint laneways and fisherman’s footpaths while offering authentic outport space. 


Southcott Award for Heritage Tradesperson
Mike Paterson, Upper Amherst Cove

Mr. Paterson moved to this province from Ontario with his wife, Lorie, and three young children in 1988, after seven years with his own carpentry business and a sawmill. They came to Bonavista, then moved to Upper Amherst Cove shortly thereafter, where Mike soon built a workshop. He began operating as Paterson Woodworking in 1992. He moved his focus towards furniture making, and architectural millwork, including windows, doors and other architectural components, mostly for historic buildings including churches, residential and public buildings. While operating Paterson Woodworking, he also taught Heritage Carpentry and Woodworking at the nearby College of the North Atlantic campus from 1994 to 1996. Since last November, Mike has been operating Paterson Woodworking as a one man shop, pursuing some new woodworking challenges as well as some of the established work he had built the business on. Mike continues to make wooden furniture for private homes and commercial spaces, influenced largely by traditional design and techniques. Some of his larger commissions have included custom furniture for Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Shorefast Foundation and their Fogo Island Inn and the Fishers’ Loft Inn in Port Rexton. 





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